A Beautiful and Cherished Life Killed by a Deadly Disease


Bruce Eden (aka Silly Pappa Bruce)

April 21, 1944 – March 4, 2002


Bruce Eden, 58, died peacefully of lung cancer on March 4th, 2002.  Left to honor him is his wife, Joan Eden, his father Gustave Eden, his sister, Cynthia Bloomer, his children Dr. Milinda Carson and her husband Dr. Noel Meltzer, Charles Carson and his wife, Melissa Carson, Robert Eden and his wife Diana, Eric Eden and his wife Sharon, Melissa King and her husband Steve, and his 13 beloved grandchildren.  Bruce, a true craftsman, with a self-developed trade, prided himself with his quality of work, attention to detail and personalized customer service.

Bruce, dancing with his daughter at her wedding.


Bruce was a caring and devoted family man and is greatly missed by family, friends and the community.  For more pictures and details about Bruce’s incredible (but too short) life, click here…




Did you know that up to two-thirds of cancers might be prevented through healthy lifestyle changes? And more cancers can be successfully treated if they are detected early?


The Bruce Eden Memorial Fund, which was established in 2003, raises money to aid in the research of early detection of lung cancer.  The fund, which has already collected thousands of dollars, has contributed to the research findings of M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s top rated researcher, Dr. Xifeng Wu.  Dr. Wu’s research is focused on developing and validating biomarkers for cancer susceptibility, cancer progression, and therapy response, and applying these biomarkers in cutting-edge molecular epidemiology studies.  For more information regarding the work Dr. Wu has done to date and to review her biographical sketch, use the following links:


About Dr. Wu's Research

Dr. Wu - Biographic Sketch.



We know that early detection of lung cancer can save millions of lives.  We also know that the researchers at M.D. Anderson have made tremendous strides in helping to aid in the prevention and aid of lung cancer patients.  It is our hope to continue to raise funds to aid in this research. 


If you would like to join us in our mission and donate money that helps the researchers, there are many ways to provide a tax-deductible donation.





Please specify that your donation should be applied to the Bruce Eden Memorial Fund.

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Thank you for your interest.  My dad would be proud.